Monday, November 26, 2012

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The last few days have been busy busy busy.  Although the store was closed on Wednesday and Thursday the shop was not still.  With the help of a family friend (Jamari Whiteside) We decorated the front of the house and store.  Right now we are decked out with white lights, cedar garlands and big yarn ball ornaments hanging from our tree.  I have a couple of gnomes guarding the stairs amongst the lavender Pansies (I do love that Oregon weather allows Winter long blooms).

Black Friday 1
We opened on Friday for our first ever Black Friday.  I was very pleased that a steady stream of people came through getting their Christmas knitting projects sorted out. Don't forget that you can always add your shopping want's to our shop wish list and get Gift certificates for the fiber lover's in your life.

New Samples and Patterns
On Saturday and Sunday we were open and the customers were up and down.  During the down time I managed to knit a new warm and oh so soft cowl (A brand new Black Sheep Pattern you can get with the purchase of the two skeins of yarn needed to knit it up).

Looped around double or left single this large cable design has a little bit of sparkle and a lot of soft and fluffy warmth.

 Mrs Snowy on the left and the original Snowy from the mid-70's on the right.

I finally tried to duplicate the snowman ornament that my grandma made in the 1970's.  Snowy has had a place of honor on our Christmas tree and my daughters have been after me to get one made for them.  The resulting Mrs. Snowy is not a perfect match but she isn't too bad for a first stab.  I am now refining the construction and writing up directions.  I am also trying out a larger version and think I might try to felt it to see how it turns out.

Coming Soon-Online inventory/Shopping

We are int he process (and it is a big job) of getting a photo and description of all of our stock online.  Of course our ultimate goal is to open up the shop to online sales but more importantly anyone can check to see if we carry the items they want to come in and get a closer look at.  Right now we are about 1/3 of the way through the inventory list.  I hope that we can at least get it done before the New Year if not sooner.

Re-Check the November/December Classes and Workshops Pages.

We updated and ADDED workshops and classes during these last few days of November and December.  Make sure and take another look at the class and workshops link on the webpage to see if there is any that interests you.

If you have not stopped in and joined us (or not lately) for any of the opportunities to just come and work on your own projects do (hand-work guild or Chardon-knitting).  There is a lovely group of ladies who support each other in any kind of project you want to work on.  We would love to have you!!

The Leaf Shawl:  Because it takes so much blogging time and space I am in the process of moving/changing the leaf shawl project over to another page on this blog.  I am hoping to format things in a calendar so I can just upload the photos each day and spend more time actually knitting on the thing :)

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