Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inspiration-Leaves and Needles Shawl.

Inspired by the sky scarf (I am working on some kits for this with Colorshift yarns). I am plotting and planning a little knit along inspired by trees and how they change throughout the seasons.  My plan is to take a photo everyday of a tree and/or leafy thing that grabs my attention.  I will then match something from it with a yarn in the shop (fingering weight).  and knit a row or two.  I do like fringe so I think I am going to knit this one up to be a long and wide rectangular shawl.  Since I had so much fun steeking on the linen stitch scarf I am feeling the urge to include that as well.  I have day one (The image that first got my creative juices flowing) and a yarn picked out as well as a set from today.  Does anyone want to join me?  Leave your blog/flicker link in the comments section and like this blog.

Day 1
The inspiration are the vibrant red maple trees that line the front gardens of the houses where my shop is located.  Walking down the sidewalk causes many to stop and gaze at this vibrant fall show.

I put a selection of reddish Oranges on the table and sprinkled leaves from the trees.

Louisa Harding Grace yarn (silk and wool) in color 28.

Christmas Red in Cascade 220 (really close but a worsted weight yarn)

Lettlopi yarn from Lopi yarns in Brick Heather (9431) This is a heavy worsted or Aran weight yarn.

Lopi Einband laceweight yarn in Crimson.
 Vermont Farms Merino bulky yarn dyed with Madder Root.

Ultimately I chose this one: Black Trillium fingering weight yarn in silk and wool in the color way: September.

 Day 2:  

This morning when I went out to put my open sign up I found a pile of Oak leaves littering my patio, the steps down to my shop and the sidewalk in front of the shop.  Orenco streets are lined with Oak trees and apparently October 31st was the night they decided to drop leaves.  While raking and bundling these leaves up I had the opportunity to notice the vast array of browns that exist.  I dropped my rake and ran into the store to pull a variety of brown yarns. Look at them!! :)

Cascade Heritage fingering weight in Walnut
Lettlopi aran weight in Golden Heather (9426)

 The choice for my project today is Schaefer's Heather yarn in the color way
"Wilma Mankiller"
Not only does the color work well with the oak leaves but it also is appropriately dedicated as today is the first day of Native American Heritage month.  

 The Patterns:

Yarn:  Fingering weight.  You will cut your yarn at the end of each row so this is a great scrap buster project.
Needles: size 7 knitting needles or size e crochet hook.
Gauge is not really important.  The finished shawl will be approx. 60 inches long.

Cast on:
1- Using your day one color using your preferred cast one method (i prefer the old fashioned twisted overhand for speed).
2-Cast on 15 stitches, place a marker, cast on 400 stitches, place a marker, cast one 15 stitches.  This shawl will be knit in the round.  Do not worry about twisting as we will steek it later.
Knit: each round starts between the two markers.  Start with the day one color.  knit 15, slip your marker, knit in the back of the next two stitches, knit until two stitches before the next marker, knit int he back of the next two stitches, knit 15 and cut yarn.

Days 2-365 are repeats of day one but with whatever color you find inspiration from outside your front door and the leaves and trees you see.

I will be selling appropriate lengths of these yarns in the shop (and hopefully soon online) If you just love one of the colors I choose or need to supplement your scrap stash.


1- Chain 302 in day 1 color leave a 8 inch tail as this will form fringe, turn and sc in the third chain from the hook.  continuing to use the day 1 color add 299 more sc across this row.  pull through your loop and cut your yarn (leaving an 8 inch tail of yarn.
2-leaving an 8inch tail of your new piece of yarn chain two into the top of the first sc in the previous row.  sc 299 across the row.  Pull through your loop and cut yarn leaving and 8 inch tail.

Days 3-365 are repeats of day 2 but with whatever color you find inspiration from outside your front door and the leaves and trees you see.

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