Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leaf/Needle Shawl Catching up

I have been attending to my shawl but not the blog.  This weekend Julianne and her dog Max held down the fort while My husband David, daughter Grace and I visited Eastern Washington for a family celebration.  On the way we travelled along the Gorge and saw the most beautiful fall color.  Although I was dying to change the color of my yarn the yellow was so overwhelming I could not help but carry on another two rows on the shawl.
Max likes to wear knitting needles just like Kokomo the shop cat!

Saturday, November 3 (Row 4) : 

 Along I-84 Near Umatilla, Oregon There are fields of hybrid poplar trees.  Although you might not see the same effect that I witnessed from my car in these photos they are lovely.  As I drove along the freeway I was surprised by how many of the leaves had already fallen off these trees.  What remained were clumps at the top that were vibrant yellow.  The light hit the leaves and made the fields look like row after row of candles flaming at the top.  I pulled over to the shoulder much to my husband's dismay, grabbed the camera and climbed a sandy hill to perch the camera on a barbed wire fence to take these photos.

 I love the rows of marching slender trees
 This is a single leaf but much more brown than the real thing.
This leaf is from my neighborhood but does exactly match the color of the poplars along the roadside.

The yarn used for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday, November 4 (Row 5):
 On my trip back I was struck again by the intensity of the yellow maples from The Dalles until Troutdale.  As much as I would like to have changed to a new yarn color I couldn't ignore the yellow intensity this week and knit in three rounds of the same yarn.

Monday, November 5 (Day 6): Upon our arrival home I found a lovely little pile of red leaves left by the children of one of the customers over the weekend.  These leaves in lovely shades of red to orange made a lovely welcome home.

Photos coming soon:  They are currently on my other camera.

Tuesday, November 6 (Day  7) Tuesday is daytime knitting guild at Blacksheep.  Brandi had a look at my little fledgling shawl and suggested it needed a little maroon/red to reflect one of the trees out where she works.  She has not sent me her photo yet but I did find a nice plum tree down the street from my house for inspiration.
 Ornamental plum trees are lovely!  I like that they pretty much stay through the spring, summer and fall.  I do prefer the ones that do not drop fruit all over the sidewalks though.

Yarn photo will be uploaded tomorrow
Wednesday, November 8 (Day 8)

I knew there were different kind of oak trees out there.  I didn't imagine however that our neighborhood would have planted two different kind on either side of the road that passes in front of my home.  I am not positive if it is really a different variety or the dirt or even a trick of the light but the oak trees located across the street from my much less vibrant brown ones are almost a pumpkin orange in the soft afternoon light.
Yarn photo will be uploaded tomorrow.

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