Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Heading Out-

After a very long gap (embarrassingly long)  I am putting forth some effort on the Wool Shed so all of you non-facebook users can see the photos and progress as I head out on a working vacation.  The facebook users will get to see these too as I am going to figure out how to dual post (Grace is going to help me gain the skill).

We are at PDX airport right now using the wonderful Portland free wifi and waiting for the airplane.  On the Max ride in David spotted a sweet little yarn bomb along side the train-right near Pioneer courthouse square the otters are wearing sweaters and the deer have leg warmers on.  If you get the chance go check it out (rather cute).

To get us restarted here are a few photos I should have posted long ago!  See the captions for information.

 In the shop-A walking wheel for sale!  He is on the large side but spins beautifully!  Dilly was created in 1976 but has a lovely old feel look.  He would be perfect for Renaissance fairs or Oregon Trail demonstrations and travels well.  He is $400 and ready to walk out the door.

 Dilly from a side view.

 The coolest yarn bomb in San Mateo.  I got to go see this when I was at Knit lab on Halloween weekend.  The town is filled with creative yarn bomb installations.  If you are down that way it is worth a look.  Notice the close up goldfish!  very cute.
 Ok-the concourse.  as cruddy as the weather has been this week it looks like we are going to make it out of here…Next post will be from the UK and Ireland.

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