Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Loom Risoni Silk Yarn Project

A Bowl Full of Raw Silk Goodness

I love this yarn but I had a hard time figuring out what to knit/crochet with it.  At first I thought about a bias knit very long and thin scarf.  Then I thought about a Missoni style scarf using two shades.  I started several-and under a deadline to find something to add to the April BlackSheep at Orenco Newsletter but Alas this project had to sit and be played with until I found just the right project.  This morning in a fit of insomnia I came upon something I think will be good!  Over at Fran's blog called Wool Tribulations .  She has a crescent shaped shawl (and I do love crescent shawls best!).  She created this pattern to showcase her hand spun fingering weight yarns.  Of course it is great for this because in all of its striped goodness you can use up those shorter lengths you have spun up.  I decided to try it with the Risoni Silk because It is fairly simple in texture while being a great shape.  It is also two sided as you fold it in half.  I am looking forward to playing with the stripes as I knit.  I just started the pattern this morning:

Here is my progress so far.

I also picked Fran's pattern because her post was about Usk.  This lovely little village is just a few miles away from my Mother-in-law's village and when we visit I regularly make David drive me over for a walk around the antique stores, a stop off at the garden centre and a bit of lunch at the pub.  When I clicked on Fran's pattern from Ravelry I happily recognized the photos and her discussion about Usk and the Garden Centre.  I sent a comment off to her so I will now have to pick her brain for good yarn/fiber stores to visit the next time I am there.

Lately I have been experiencing a bit of what I call a crochet Renaissance.  Kat Streiby's Cadfael Shawl is a crochet workout.  No individual stitch is difficult but because I have been mostly a vintage pattern crochet lover There were new stitches I had never used and the four row sequence pattern was never boring!  In the last few weeks I have crocheted two of these shawls getting ready for Kat's pattern launch on Ravelry at at the upcoming TNNA convention.  We are taking photos this weekend so watch for an update-I Promise I will be blogging much more frequently from here on out.  Saturday will be photos of my progress and Cadfael photos/links etc.

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