Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Day and More Rows on the Silk Shawl

I did not work a whole lot on the  Gentle Dip eshawl today.  Just a hour or so during the day when I was teaching a beginners class and then again this evening for a couple of hours.  The shawl is very easy and really the yarn is the most difficult part.  It is rather fine and then has slubby bits throughout.  I like the effect and am willing to put up with whatever bother the thick and thin and silk provides.

So far I have only put in one stripe.  I think I will swap out to green a couple more times making narrow bands of green until I get to the halfway point.

I sent some of the Loom yarn home with Terri (a regular customer and fiber dyer for spinning).  She is going to use the fuchsia and purple shades to create a crochet-ed Windowpane scarf: I cannot wait to see how it turns out.