Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Pattern! Simple Striped Summer Hats.

Although these hats were written for baby/toddlers there is no reason they can not be sized for any head!  The key is a loose fitting shape with a small shade enhancing brim.  The reason I picked baby hats is that I am on a bit of a baby knitting/crochet jag right now.  No..I do not have any grand-babies on the way but it does seem that many of the Blacksheep knitting family are either getting ready to have their own new babies or grand-babies.  These are fairly quick to make so have some fun with them!

Knitted Version:
Yarn:  Cascade Pima Fine.  Pick whatever shades you like! Two skeins will knit two hats.
Needles:  Size 5 circular long enough for magic loop.
Sizes: made for sizes 0-3 mo, 3-6, 6-12.  Just keep adding stitches if you want bigger versions of the hat.
Gauge:  .
Cast on 71 (81, 91) I used a long tail cast on method.  In order to get a smooth join in the round slip your last cast on stitch onto your working needle, pm, knit two together.  You should now have 70 (80,90) stitches. 
Rows 1-10: Knit (about 2 inches)
Row 11: Purl one round.
Rows 12-22: Knit
Row 23: fold your work along the purl row.  Knit around but each stitch should go through the current row and a stitch from along the cast on edge (this gives you a tidy two layers of knitting.
Row 24-26: knit around
Rows 27-31: change colors to make your first stripe.  There are lots of techniques to make these jogless you can check out on the web.  I used the slip one technique.
Rows 32-36: Using the main color again knit.
Rows 37-40: Using contrasting color knit
Rows 40-54: Using the main color knit.
Row 55: knit 9, k2tog repeat around.
Row 56: knit 8, k2to repeat around.
Continue decreasing in this manner until you have approx. 4 stitches on your needle.  Cut your yarn and using a darning needle thread the end through your live stitches and secure them.  Hide your ends.  You can add embroidery, crochet or buttons for embellishment.

Crochet version:
Yarn: Two skeins Cascade Pima Fine in any two colors you like.  You should get two hats with opposite stripe colors.
To Begin: Chain 2. In second chain from hook sc 10. Join these into the round.
Round 2: Place a marker to track each round. SC two in each stitch below (20 total).
Round 3-until hat diameter is large enough to fit your desired head.  Sc around with increases.  There are many formulas for making the crown of a hat.  I have found that none of these work well for me.  Instead I crochet in a free form manner with mostly 1 sc in each space but adding two sc to spaces periodically so that the growing circle remains flat.  I check frequently by laying my work down and making sure it does not ruffle or cups up at the edges.
Crown to first stripe:  sc in each stitch until your work hits the top of the wearers ears.  During this time I create a slight flair by gradually adding 6 extra sc into the work (two sc into one space three times over two rows. 
Stripe Rows 1-4: Change to contrasting color and crochet four rounds.  Add 2 increases during these rows. 
Stripe Rows 5-9: Change back to the main color. Also include two increases.
Stripe Rows 10-14: Change to contrasting color crochet.  Increase two stitches over the four rows.
Start Brim: SC one rows in main color. Sc around.  Include 6 increases spaced out evenly in this round. 
Finish Brim: sc until brim measures 1inch. 
Turning round: sc in the back loop
Brim Hem: sc for one inch.
Fold hem along line made by the crochet in the back loop. Turn your work. Hooking each stitch through the had at the row formed by the lowest stripe and the hem edge sc.  Repeat around until a folded hem if formed.  Embellish if desired.

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