Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Final Photos from the Bear Knit-A-Long and a little Lo-Paca

You may remember the second post on this blog where I talked about the bear knit along.  Here is the finished results.  Three of us embarked on the project and we finished up officially this afternoon with the final bear getting his eyes.  It is quite nice that each of us selected a different yarn to use.  

 All three bears together.  Barbara White made a polar bear with a red sparkly scarf out of White Superwash Cascade 220.  I used Brown Cascade 220 and Julianne David Made a pastel blue bear out of Cascade Ultra pima Fine yarn.

 Small blue bear side view
 Small blue bear front view

Polar Bear, Brown Bear

Grace decided to ply a little mixture she calls Lo-Paca today.  She took one skein of Cascade Alpaca lace weight yarn and plied it with a skein of Hot Pink Lopi Einband yarn (a lace weight).  The result is a much softer sock weight concoction.  It turned out lovely and I cannot wait to knit some up to see how soft it is.

The finished product

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